Monica Zoppè (en Anglais)

Monica Zoppè, founder and director of the Unit of
Scientific Visualization Unit in the CNR of
Italy, in Pisa.

The idea at the basis of the work of SciVis is to
apply our innate visual intelligence for the
study of structural and cellular biology. In this
it will be possible to (sub)consciously extract
patterns, which can be formalized, and spot
exceptions that greatly help our understanding.
To this aim we use tools derived from the
industry of entertainment, that has developed
extremely sophisticated software for 3D animation and visual effects.
Our work moves in two major directions: use of
the game engine to obtain a quick, approximate
morph for protein motion, and the development of
a visual code capable of delivering in a direct
and intuitive way physical and chemical concepts
such as lipophilic and electrostatic potentials,
for which we have no natural perception.